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Your brand identity is the recognisable face of your business in a busy marketplace, but ask yourself, is my brand consistent? Do I have a strong brand identity that is instantly distinct from the competition at all points of communication?

A consistent brand is one you recognise and understand wherever it may appear, one that customers recognise every time they see it. It has to be identifiable online and off, in your printed material, digital communications, from your business card through to your exhibition stand and at every point in between.

A strong brand tells the customer who you are and what to expect from the product or service you offer, a strong and consistent brand tells them even more, it keeps that message uniform across all points of communication, reinforcing your image at every opportunity. If there’s a mismatch when you compare two forms of promotional marketing then something’s amiss and confusion results. Your customers might think two different companies are talking to them, or worse still, not recognise you at all if the signals you are sending are in conflict.

At WDA we work with companies, large and small, companies just like yours to ensure a brand is not just identifiable at a glance but is ALWAYS identifiable every time it is used.

Take a look at some examples of how WDA achieve strong and consistent branding in the images above.

Posted by Steve on 01/12/2017 at 12:30pm