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With all of the activity around social media and the internet it is sometimes difficult to believe that the 'old ways' still work. Print is not dead, it has just adapted to the new world!

As part of your marketing activity a good mix of media is always a good idea; website, blogging, eshots, as well as printed material such as newsletters, postcards, brochures and leaflets. Like the internet though it needs to be targeted. Sending out thousands of mailers in the hope that some may return gold just does not work - choose who you market yourself to.

We work closely with Baqus to help them create a consistent visual message across all of their marketing activity; website, social media, exhibitions and print.

We recently produced the first of a series of newsletters for Baqus Group. Each newsletter will focus on a regional office and the projects they have been involved in, as well as an overview of what the Group is up to.

It's also great to hear that Baqus love what we're doing ...

'Wilson Design worked quickly to set up the newsletter for BAQUS and were available to talk to throughout every stage of the process. Once the design was agreed, I went on leave and when I came back copies of the newsletter were printed and on my desk – it couldn’t have been better!' – Tom Evans, Business Development Manager, BAQUS Construction Consultancy

Posted by Steve on 17/04/2012 at 04:14pm