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It’s a common marketing belief that it takes around seven separate communications before a potential client will respond positively to your call to take action. Yes, seven times, before he or she will take the plunge and form some kind of business relationship with you. Remember this number is only an average statistic, but it certainly reminds us that once is never enough: you can’t just send out a single message, cross your fingers and hope for a positive outcome: marketing is a continual slow-burn process that requires a long-term outlook in order for it to be successful.

The reasons why seven seems to be the magic number are too numerous to go into now; all that matters for you as a business owner, is that if you’re not communicating consistently to the right people with the right message, then you risk losing potential sales.

When you follow up any enquiry related to your product and service, bear in mind that you need to repeat this process more than once. Your sales could increase quite dramatically if you introduce an effective follow-up regime. Most businesses tend to give up after just one or two follow-ups believing there is no point in continuing to communicate. Don’t fall into the same trap yourself – your perseverance will pay off.

Simply making a habit of keeping in contact with your existing and potential new clients will reap rewards in the long term: communicate at least seven times before you lose heart! Be persistent but not repetitive, inventive but not predictable. Keep your message fresh and varied by using a range of different marketing tools: email, letter, leaflet, telephone call, direct mail, postcard, newsletter, social media. There are many modes to utilise, just mix them up and see which one succeeds in making that precious connection. Everyone responds differently so it’s wise not to rely on simply the methods that your prefer to receive yourself.

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