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When you send out a marketing campaign does it make itself heard loud and clear? 
Does it make the right impact?  
Does it have the wow factor?

Are you sending emails, postcards, sales letters, newsletters, birthday cards, chocolates, flowers or fireworks - you must be sending something!! You should be doing it all, if people don't know about you how are they going to become clients? If you don't keep in front of your current clients why will they keep using you?

Don't just tell them once, tell them loads of times and in different ways that you are the best and only company that they should be dealing with. You are the best aren't you? Well even if you're not tell them you are! And just keep telling them, hardly anyone buys at the first point of contact, but if you are the name they know when they do need your service or product then you stand a good chance of being the one who gets the work.

So go on send out some promotions... and make them BOOM!

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Posted by Steve on 04/11/2013 at 07:01pm