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We sent our Christmas postcard to our clients in the middle of November; why did we send it so early?

Well let me explain... they noticed it... and us! This year loads of cards will vie for attention in your clients’ office, then be binned. (Or hopefully, recycled.) Will yours stand out from the many cards crowding the shelf? Do your clients even notice you have sent one? Unless the company you are sending to is small and knows you personally, I doubt they will notice one missing card. So, are they worth it?

Is it better to send an e-card then? Well, again there will be plenty of these arriving in their inbox, the question is: will it get opened and read? They do often get opened (best to send an embedded one rather than a link to another elf site!) but are generally only seen by one person and then get deleted as soon as they are opened – no shelf life whatsoever, however the cost of sending e-cards is far less.

People expect to receive something at Christmas, but do you go along with every one else or make yourself stand out from the crowd? This year, why not be different, perhaps send something after Christmas in the New Year. How about a Burns Night card or something for Valentine’s Day? There are many occasions other than Christmas when you could send a card or e-card and have much more impact. Think about it.

Remember there are no rules – you can time your contact whenever you like, but just be sure that you are creative about it! If you do want to send something… whenever the date… of course we would love to help!

PS The images are from our last eight Christmas emails! Do you recognise them?

Posted by Steve on 15/11/2016 at 03:02pm