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We’re often asked to take something that a company is already using for marketing and redesign it – to make it look better! A challenge that we welcome and always feel we achieve or surpass our client’s expectations with the end result.

Sometimes, however, it can seem easier to continue with something you know is working for you rather than try to change it in the hope it will work even better. The costs involved may seem prohibitive but they do not have to be!

A few well spent pounds can produce dramatic results, not only in the quality and look of the product itself, but also in the perception and response of the recipient – your clients!

We recently redesigned the newsletter for Iguana Business Solutions from an A5 booklet in black and white to a 6-page A4 full colour leaflet, the additional cost was minimal but the impact has already created positive responses.

Lucy Ignatiadis had this to say: 

“At the beginning of 2013 I decided to create a bi-monthly newsletter for my clients and prospects full of useful and valuable information. Not being a design person, I just cracked on using Publisher to create my small 8 page Black & White A5 newsletter. The response was good and more and more people were requesting to join my list.

In August this year I started talking to Steve Wilson of Wilson Design Associates about the possibilities of my newsletter and how much more can be done with it. Steve is incredibly knowledgable about the world of design and offline marketing, he was able to share his expertise and advise me the best way forward. We are a high end IT Training company with top corporates and NPO’s as our clients and Steve made me realise how incongruent with my brand my old style newsletter was.

The end result is a fantastic 6 page A4 full colour newsletter which really does enhance my brand. I have sent the newsletter out to my list and shared through my website and social media, the response we have had from clients and prospects alike is WOW. They all love the format, they are sharing it with their colleagues and contacts and I have had a record number of people request to join my newsletter mailing list.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Steve and I would highly recommend him for all your print, design and offline marketing needs – he really does know his stuff.”

Posted by Steve on 30/09/2013 at 03:43pm