Coursecheck Website Design

Some of our clients have their own programmers and require us to only fulfil part of the website design service. Coursecheck run their own online review system for training course providers. Although they have inhouse expertise to develop their own site, they did need some help with its design and layout. Having previously helped the company with a home page and some general information pages, Coursecheck asked us to assist with the design of a site restructure as their marketing message had changed.

They had some thoughts on the structural changes that were needed and this primarily involved the header/menu, the home page and then landing pages for training companies and inhouse trainers. We had an online meeting to discuss the changes and produced some new wireframes to scope out exactly what was required to be shown on each screen. Once these were confirmed, we then designed the layouts for mobile and larger screens in Adobe XD, with some basic prototyping, to show the various elements in action.

We had several meetings to ensure the design clearly communicated the Coursecheck message, and following approval, we then created static HTML templates with supporting CSS (stylesheet), JavaScript and image files for them to incorporate into their own custom-built system.

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