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Clear and consistent branding helped Serco Environmental Services stand out from the crowd at a Leadership Conference held earlier this week at Heathrow. Having brought the marketing team’s graphic design ideas to life within budget and tight deadlines, Wilson Design received this positive feedback from Marketing Manager Helen Milward following the event:

“Steve, there were so many comments about how great everything looked, the strategy document was a real hit and I am so glad I took your advice on the poster design. I did take a couple of quick pictures, which I’m afraid are not the best quality.  I had every intention of taking more, but we were just so busy I simply did not get a chance!”

Being busy in an exhibition space is a good sign that you are standing out from the crowd and a strong and consistent brand, like Serco’s, is key to reinforcing the message.

Posted by Steve on 03/11/2017 at 09:02am