It’s that Friday feeling!

As I celebrate 21 years since I started the First Friday Network here in Chichester I was thinking of the many people I have met over the years at network meetings and some of the “memory hooks” that have been used - taglines, straplines, slogans, catchphrases - whatever you like to call them! The one used for the network group for many years was …it's that Friday feeling! It became well known amongst the many attendees. And our own WDA one… We like to think our work speaks for us, but more importantly we KNOW it speaks for YOU! Some of the more memorable ones used have been a pet photographer who finishes with… I'd like to shoot your dog! and the travel counsellor who says… I like to tell my clients where to go! Always good to have humour in your sign off! I'm sure I'll hear many more over the coming years.

Straplines and taglines are powerful tools that companies and individuals can use to capture attention, evoke emotions, and imprint their brand in the minds of potential customers. Simply put they are a concise group of words that encapsulate a brand's essence or a particular campaign's message. Take Nike's "Just Do It" for instance. In three short words, it encapsulates the spirit of determination and action, inspiring consumers to push beyond their limits. Similarly, Tesco's "Every Little Helps" communicates their commitment to providing value in every aspect of their service. Specsavers' humorous yet memorable "Should've Gone to Specsavers." It not only reinforces the brand name but also implies the consequences of not choosing their service.

These simple yet powerful phrases serve as mnemonic devices, instantly triggering brand recall and forging an emotional connection with consumers. They convey values, promises, and personalities, distinguishing one brand from another in a crowded market.

From B&Q's empowering "You Can Do It When You B&Q It" to Marmite's polarizing "You Either Love It or Hate It," these taglines become part of our culture, sparking conversations and generating brand loyalty.

In essence, straplines and taglines are pretty much the same thing, they are the unsung heroes of marketing, quietly shaping perceptions and driving consumer behaviour. They're not just words; they're the soul of a brand, speaking volumes in just a few syllables. 

So the next time you see a catchy phrase, remember the immense impact it can have on a company's success. Oh and if you don't have one perhaps you should!